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Ansarullah Diamond Jubilee Celebration in ACT

djcMajlis Ansarullah has completed 75 years of it's existence. In order to mark and celebrate this auspicious occasion, Ansarullah ACT organised some activities on Sunday the 30th of August 2015.

 The day started with Tahajjud prayer at 5:45am in Griffin Centre. 9 Ansar out of a total Tajneed of 17 were present (53%). Imam Masood Ahmed Shahid lead the Tahajjud prayer. At 6:08am Imam Sahib proceeded to lead the Fajr prayer. After the Fajr prayer, Imam Sahib delivered Dars ul Quran which highlighted the importance and benefits of voluntary prayers like for example Tahajjud prayers.

After Dars ul Quran, breakfast was served which comprised of Khagina with a variety of breads. Ansar enjoyed the breakfast very much since some had not tasted Khagina before or had tasted it long time ago when they were growing up in Pakistan and as such the breakfast brought back childhood memories. During the breakfast, a recording of Jalsa Salana UK 2015 was played on TV for the benefit of Ansar.
After the breakfast and cleanup, Ansar went for a Bush Walk on Mount Ainslie which is nearby. Mount Ainslie is 843m high and lies within the Canberra Nature Park. Mount Ainslie borders on the inner suburbs of Campbell, Ainslie and Hackett and is named in honour of James Ainslie, a 19th-century settler who was the overseer on Duntroon, a large property in the area. Mount Ainslie is a very popular destination for bush walkers and there are several tracks of varying difficulty. Ansar chose the main and the most well known track called Kokoda Memorial Track.
The entry to the track is behind Australian War Memorial. Ansar parked their cars in the visitor's parking behind the War Memorial and then entered the track from the main access point off Treloar Cresent. Ansar walked up the mountain more than half way which took about 30 minutes and then returned. During the walk, Ansar enjoyed the natural views and enjoyed seeing several Kangaroos, rabbits and many different birds from very close distance. On their way back from the mountain, Ansar stopped at Anzac Parade for a nice photo opportunity with Mount Ainslie in the background. Anzac Parade is the place where Anzac Memorial Dawn Service is held every year which is seen by the entire nation on TV. As such, Anzac Parade was a befitting and an iconic place to finish off Diamond Jubilee activities.

Report written by:
Khalid M. Syed
Zaeem Ansarullah ACT